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Write a to-the-point CV. Think about the recruiter. Do not pollute your CV. Focus on relevance according to the vacancy description. Is it powerful to mention your marital status?  Is the name of your high school relevant?  Does the 3rd project you mention under 'job experience' carry added-value? Which of your interests & hobbies will achieve the impact you seek?



Express Your Strengths

6 seconds. That's the average time a recruiter spends on your CV before taking a GO/NO-GO decision. Make an impact. Create that profile summary which comes up on top. Edit it passionately and positively, like: 'Currently an economics student, I am highly driven to start my career in a press agency where I can best use my analytical, conceptual and communication skills.'



De-Puzzle The Information You Possess

Drive, lead, conduct, shape, transform, initiate, plan, propose, create, evaluate, follow-through, construct, develop, accomplish, finalise, realize, enable, build, close, empower, ensure, coach, assess, liaise, communicate, install, set-up, assist, contribute, etc.


Use key words. Be concrete and creative when describing tasks. Replace 'Implementation of a management system' by 'Initiate, plan, create, communicate and follow-through the deployment of a management system'. Match your key words to the one mentioned on the vacancy description. Ask yourself what am I good at. Add this information, if missing.


Do Your Homework At Its Best

The interview starts when you enter the premises. Be firm, short, precise. Train yourself on answering questions like 'So, you've found the building', 'How was traffic?', 'Have you delegated in the past? How did you do that?', 'What means 'being dynamic' to you?' 'Financially, how much would you like to earn?', 'What mistake have you done in the past?' 'Is there something you would not like to have in your new job?' Prepare yourself for the interview. Talk to yourself. Become a job interview master.


Create a win-win situation during the interview. Focus on relevance.



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