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CV optimized



Supply Chain Director, GlaxoSmithKline, Brussels


Clemens prepared in an excellent way my CV for an internal move within the company. He has this tremendous ability to find out fastly about your strengths and what is important for you. My self-confidence grew the more I saw Clemens. I did not know that I am good at building bridges between strategy and operational tasks. We highlighted that much more in my CV.

Securing a position of my dreams


Communications and Development Officer, UNHCR, Brussels


Clemens' help with my CV and a cover letter was instrumental in securing a position at the organization of my dreams. He has a very human, personalized approach when it comes to dealing with people. The questions that he asks are of almost psychological nature and it is the answers to those questions that make you understand your skills better and generate that little extra that makes your CV distinguishable from all the rest. 



AD12, Brussels, European Commission


It is excellent work ! Thanks to Clemens I added strengths like creative, fast-forward attitude, result-orientation, building trust, strengths, which I did not know before, to my CV. And I successfully used them during the presentation of myself. We prepared an elevator pitch together, which helped me to present my skills better in front of important people. We also prepared my panel speech. In the end I felt very confident in front of experts judging my experience.

CV empowered


Sales Director, BNP Paribas, Paris, France

Clemens helped me a lot in finding my strengths. I did not know in the beginning what to expect. He could really change my CV (which I thought was good, but it wasn't) and make it much more powerful. He asks the very good questions about me and what I am good at, listens carefully to all matters, taking into considerations all my skills. He definitely is worth the money. I today have a new job position and use my skills/strengths everyday. 

Realize the type of candidate I am


EU Projects, Communication, Brussels

I found looking for my first job really challenging. Young graduates' CVs look enigmatic without real professional experience and a well-shaped profile. Clemens analysed my skills and personality and assisted in finding my strong points. By asking questions, he helped me to realise what type of candidate I really am and what I would be good at. He also reworked my CV to expose my assets and improve the design. As a result, three months after my graduation I started my professional life in a big and prestigious company.

Insights on my own self


EMEA Technical Manager, Pharmaceutical Excipients, Brussels



Clemens gave me a perspective on myself that no one or no performance appraisal process has given me before. The interview was fun and the outcome was impressive. A “full report” on my strengths, what I like to do, what I need to have around me, and what I would be good or not at doing. Also helped me to identify type of companies that I would not fit in because of my working style and personality. (Re)Constructing my CV was much easier afterwards. My CV is now much more interesting, to the point, and the whole process has given me a much better view on who I am or can be professionally!

Application process successful


PhD Fellow, University of Kent, UK


I was confronted with an application process when asking Clemens for help. I had to submit my CV and a powerful motivation letter. In 3 sessions, Clemens found out about my competencies and strengths. Together, we amended my CV and rendered it 'private sector' oriented. I passed successfully an application. All material was delieverd in time.

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