I run my own coaching company, specialised in you. After 12 years of HR and Sales experience in international corporations, leading projects, people and strategic processes, I found what drives me most. I value people, I am extremely good at screening CV's and putting personal strengths forward. I empower people to find their best. And I know the corporates tips and tricks in HR. That's why I founded my own company to make it happen.



Certifications & Personal Development

Purpose coach certification, USA, Auth Leadership Institute

NLP, Neurolinguistic Program Certification at Ithaka, Belgium


MBTI Practitioner Certification at American Management Association, CPP, Boston, USA


Intercultural Team Management Course


Change Matters Program


Present With Impact










Professional experience

Freelance Coach, NLP, Speaker


Empower CV's and Individuals

Unlock Potential

Guide Individuals to become a Job Interview Masters

Lead Workshops

Conduct Speeches At Career Events At School / Universities

2013 - present

HR Senior Manager at a Belgian Public Service cy


HR People Manager at a Fortune 500 cy


HR Advisor at a EuroStoxx 50 cy


Sales Board Assistant at a EuroStoxx 50 cy


Management Trainee at a Eurostoxx 50 cy



2011 - 2014

2009 - 2011

2005 - 2009

2002 - 2005


Academic Records

Master in Law, Switzerland



Erasmus Program, Montpellier, France



High School, Switzerland


Primary School, Switzerland












T: +32 473 240 940

S: clemens.morvay

CV mentioned on this webpage is more than just a CV on paper. A CV reflects personality, it entails information on what your are good at. It is a trigger for wanting to know more about you.

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    The logo CV² stands for more. A CV is just a paper and not enough to describe all of you. The ² symbolizes that behind the paper stands a person. The ² also marks the collaboration between you and me. A ² team. The ² means my intervention. And the ² stands for 'Yes, I want to go the extra mile' to achieve my best in me.