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Individual CV and Career Coaching

Defining Your Personal Strength

First, in a 1-2-1, we will have a conversation about your current situation. I will ask you a lot of questions to explore your personal strengths. There are elements that won't be on your CV which I will find out and which are important to be mentioned.


I will find out what drives you. What you are extremely good at. And why. You will express to me a situation in your life in which you received positive feedback from someone or many people. And for what reason. We will explore that together.


My NLP and HR knowledge will help us to identify what you are extremely good at.



Crafting Your CV

Second, I will look at your CV. Keywords and a profile summary are essential. Together with you we define the keywords and the profile summary. We will amend and empower your CV based on the outcome of our initial conversation. The outcome of our conversation wil also help us to strengthen your cover letter and pitch in general. I will challenge every relevance of every element with you. A recruiter has 6 seconds. Your strengths has to be eye-catching in the CV and powerful.



Making Sure It Is Spot On

Finally, we will together have a round-up session during which we approve all amendments and during which I answer any final questions from your side.





Preparing for an Interview

In addition to a CV coaching I offer, in a separate coaching,

an empowerment of you for a job interview.


My HR knowledge in large corporations will be used to prepare you carefully to a job interview. The job interview consist of questions however it is important that you take the lead. I know tricky questions from recruiters and I guide you throu those questions.





Workshops / Team Coaching

Besides the individual coaching I do workshops on topics like



How to Pitch Your Story

Pursue My Purpose --- What Is My Purpose ?

Purpose Of My Team --- What Are The Core Values Of My Team ?

My Impact --- Why ? Why Do I Do What I do ? 

CV Masterclass - How To Perfect A Résumé

Team Constellations - How Relevant Is The Right Fit ? 

Unleash Your Potential: It Is About Time !



I Have Bad News - We Are All Icebergs

Why Making Salads Is Good For My CV

Don't Ask Me About My Future. Ask Me What I Am Good At.

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