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Your CV can speak for your strengths. Let me help you achieve it.


Finding your own best is what drives me. Helping you shine in your career is my passion.

You meet me in 1-2-1 where I coach you in CV structuring, we explore your strengths and prepare you for job interviews. You can also meet me in class, during workshops on topics like 'How To Create A Powerful CV', or 'Coverletter Masterclass', amongst others.


I run my CV Empowerment company to help, encourage and accompany you in better finding and selling your strengths.

Everyone has gifts and strengths but not everyone defines and sells them powerfully.


Your CV is important. For you. And for me. It is the base for your success. It is your anchor to a first interview. It reflects your personality and strengths.

Your CV can be powerful. If well structured. And well optimized. Find out about the ways to empower a CV and create that world-class CV you deserve.

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